Glenbrook Neighborhood Association

This is the web site of the Glenbrook Neighborhood Association. Our association represents the interests of the residents of Glenbrook. Overall, our objectives relate to beautification and improvement of our streets and public areas.

GNA's 19th Annual Meeting, Wednesday, June 20, 7:30 - 8:30 pm

WHERE: Glenbrook Community Center, 35 Crescent Street, lower level gym.
WHAT: Election of board members and officers, and adoption of the budget. Updates re neighborhood matters, reports from elected officials, and announcements by Girl Scouts and Women on Watch.
PROGRAM: Jerry Pia will reflect on his decades running the Glenbrook Community Center. We will honor him on his retirement and discuss what lies ahead for the Glenbrook Community Center.
ALSO: As our traditional 06906 cake is served, you'll have time to talk with neighbors, business members, community leaders, elected officials, and our guests.

Even if you can't come to GNA meetings, try to stop by the train station parking lot (Glenbrook Road side) to admire the renovated Liberty Garden, a recent GNA project planned, installed, and maintained by GNA volunteers.

Photos and Minutes from April 11 Spring Quarterly Meeting

Commuter advocate, founder of the Commuter Action Group and author of weekly newspaper column "Getting There", Jim Cameron spoke about Connecticut's transportation crisis and possible solutions to our crowded trains and highways, higher fares and proposed service cuts. Click here to view photos and minutes from the meeting and Jim's presentation.

Glenbrook History

A historical and architectural overview of Glenbrook can be found on the website, an offshoot of Historic Neighborhood Preservation. The overview was written in 2017 by project historian Rachel D. Carley as part of Glenbrook’s Historical and Architectural Resources Inventory of over 150 structures, most of them residences. The survey sheets will be added in the future, but the overview can be accessed now at, pages 9-24. The houses surveyed are listed on pages 32-37.